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Taylorsville Church of Christ

Build It Right!

A wealthy businessman noticed that a local carpenter was living in a rundown house in the community. So he hired the carpenter to do some work for him while he went on a long vacation. He said, “I want you to build a house. Use only the best materials. Hire the best craftsmen. Spare no expense.” However, the carpenter cut corners at every turn. He used inferior materials and sent unskilled workers to the site. When the rich man returned, he inspected the new house and then said, “Here are your keys.” The carpenter had been building his own house!

This story should serve as a warning for all Christians. The cheating we do when no one else is looking affects us far more than we realize. Moral missteps and spiritual shortcuts now will lead to chipping, cracking, and even crumbling later. Don’t look back on what you were building with regret!