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Taylorsville Church of Christ


A young lady bought a book and some cookies while waiting for her flight. A man sat down next to her and began reading a magazine. The packet of cookies was on the armrest between them. When she ate the first cookie, he ate one also. She thought, “What nerve! I can’t believe he would do that.” This went on over and over. Each time she would take a cookie, he would grab one too. Finally, there was but one cookie left. Unbelievably, he took half of the last cookie. The lady was infuriated and stormed to the boarding place in a huff.

When the lady boarded the plane and sat down in her seat, she looked into her purse and saw her packet of cookies. It had not been touched. Feeling absolutely ashamed, she realized that the man had shared his cookies with her. May God help all of us to develop a love for Him and others that demonstrates itself in our willingness to share the cookies!