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Party Time

Jesus was not a social recluse. He was a “people person” who enjoyed interacting with others and having a good time. In fact, His first miracle was performed at a party. He saved a family the embarrassment of running out of wine during the festivities (John 2:1-11). Some may be surprised that Jesus was even at a wedding reception. They see Him as more of the "monk in a monastery" than the "pal at a party." However, Scripture makes it clear that our Lord liked to mingle with people.

Jesus attended dinner parties at Levi’s house (Luke 5:29), Simon's house (Luke 7:36), a Pharisee's house (Luke 11:37), a ruler of the Pharisee's house (Luke 14:1), Martha and Mary's house (John 12:1-3), etc. He also depicted party scenes in several parables and was known for "eating and drinking," though His enemies drew extreme conclusions from that behavior (Luke 7:34).  

I fear that some people perceive Christians as “spiritual stiffs” who are too busy walking the straight and narrow to have any fun. Unfortunately, the somber demeanor of some saints only adds to that perception. They seem sad rather than glad; estranged rather esteemed; burdened rather than blessed. Christians can be good and still have a good time. And when they do, they will be more like Jesus and probably win more souls.