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Taylorsville Church of Christ

Henry "Box" Brown

Henry “Box” Brown was a 19th-century slave in Virginia. He devised a plan to escape slavery by having himself mailed to a free state by Adams Express Company, which was known for its confidential and efficient services. It cost him $86 dollars to be shipped in a small wooden crate (3 feet long by 2 feet wide) that was marked “dry goods.” All he had was a single hole for air, a little water, and a few biscuits. Brown almost died along the way, but finally emerged 27 hours later in Pennsylvania.

Brown’s plan required him to be placed in a confined space and carried by others for 27 hours to secure his freedom. God’s plan required Jesus to be placed in a confined space, the womb of a woman, and carried by her for nine months to secure our freedom. Jesus was not being shipped from oppression, He was being shipped to oppression. He went from paradise to a plantation for our liberation!