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Love Feast at Corinth

The church at Corinth had a weekly dinner prior to their worship service. Apparently, these meals not only provided a good opportunity for fellowship, but they gave the wealthy members a chance to share their abundance with the poor. (That might have been the best meal the slaves had to eat all week). Then after the meal, they would have their worship service and eat communion together.

Over the course of time, as is often the case, that which was intended to be beneficial turned out to be irreverent. The rich got tired of waiting for the poor to arrive, and went ahead with their meals. This left the poor with very little or no food.

Moreover, the congregation split up into separate cliques, and some drank so much wine during the meal that they got drunk. Though Paul did not condemn their dinners, he did rebuke the way they were going about them. They needed to be more courteous and inclusive, and not overindulge in food or drink. If anyone was too hungry to wait for the poor, they should eat at home.

What was intended to be a time of selfless devotion had become a time of selfish division. Therefore, the dinner at Corinth was not living up to its name as a "love feast" (Jude 12). They needed to treat one another better, do we?