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Taylorsville Church of Christ

The Great Raid

“The Great Raid” was a daring rescue of over 500 POWs from a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines just before they were to be executed. A group of Army Rangers and Scouts slipped 35 miles behind enemy lines and staged a devastating assault under the cover of darkness, killing all the Japanese guards without harming any of the POWs. 

The POWs had been held captive for 3 long years. They were beaten, forced to do hard labor, required to stand at attention for hours, and lived on less than a handful of rice per day. Yet because of the courageous acts of others, they were freed. They were liberated from their confinement! Sound familiar? We were being held captive in Satan’s prison camp doomed to die until someone courageously slipped across enemy lines to free us. Jesus Christ put His own life on the line to save ours!