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Taylorsville Church of Christ

The Rock

Andrew introduced his brother Simon to Jesus, the Lord looked at him intently and said, “You shall be called Cephas,” or Peter (“rock”). Have you ever wondered why Jesus changed Simon’s name? It had nothing to do with his physical appearance or the conversation that took place later at Caesarea Philippi. It had everything to do with the potential Jesus saw in him. He looked beyond what Simon was to what Simon could become.

Reaching Simon’s potential was not easy. He made plenty of mistakes. There was the reckless rebuke (Matthew 16:21-23), the presumptuous proposal (Matthew 17:1-5), the selfish sleeping (Matthew 26:40-44), the detestable denials (Matthew 26:69-75), etc. However, he finally lived up to his new name and became a “rock” for the Lord. In Peter, we see that there is no limit to our capabilities if we don’t “cap” our “abilities.” So, what does the Lord see in you?