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The Wrong Bible

In the early 1800s, some Methodist missionaries went into northeast Alabama to evangelize Indian clans. When they came upon some English-speaking Indians, they gave them a Bible and promised to return the next year to discuss it. 

When the missionaries returned the next year, an Indian said that he had read the Bible and wanted to be baptized. The missionaries were elated and immediately invited him to their tent where they filled a bowl with water. The Indian asked, “Are you going to baptize me with that?” “Yes,” they said. The Indian replied, “Then you gave me the wrong Bible.”

By approaching the Scriptures objectively, without prejudice or preconceived ideas, the Indian understood that baptism was an immersion in water. It is a "burial" (Romans 6:3-5; Colossians 2:11-12), not a sprinkling or pouring. That is true with many other issues as well. We can know what is right; we just have to stop using the wrong Bible!